Downloads for volunteers


The links below are links to the experiment sheets in pdf form (each file will open in a new window).  If you want the latest versions then we suggest you bookmark the page as they are regularly updated.  This page will also be used for any other useful material such as movie clips.


Quick Start - Reluctant Oilwell (68kb)

Reluctant Oilwell (409kb)

Quick Start - Data (123kb)

Data Transmission & Storage (234kb)

Quick Start - Resonating Wine Glass (104kb)

Resonating Wine Glass(462kb)

 Optoelectronics in Medicine manual - 2012 update (4.2Mb)

Quick Start - Optoelectronics in Medicine (99kb)

Quick Start - Scattering (80kb)

Scattering (399kb)


Quick Start - Climate Change and Renewable Energy (330kb)

Climate Change (2.3Mb)


 camera optoelectronics kit

Quick Start - Camera Optoelectronics (466kb)

Camera Optoelectronics (230 kb)