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Lab in a Lorry originator - Charles Jenkins
"Our programme's great asset is its volunteer base: people who are willing to share their time, enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of science with young people"

- Dr. Charles Jenkins, Originator of Lab in a Lorry.

Programme summary

Lab in a Lorry aims to enthuse the next generation of scientists and engineers by giving young people (11-14 year olds) the opportunity to participate in experimental science in the way that it actually happens in the world of science: exploratory, often accidental, and informed by curiosity and intuition.

A partnership programme between the Institute of Physics and the Schlumberger Foundation, with other partners coming onboard, our aim is to make science interesting, fun and accessible.

The science experiments on board Lab in a Lorry are specifically designed for 11-14 year olds. The aim is to challenge their creativity, develop their teamwork skills and cultivate the inquisitive and resourceful approach needed to encourage more positive perceptions of the possibilities that science offers.

Lab in a Lorry was developed because of concerns about the long-term supply of scientists and engineers in the UK & Ireland and the public's support for and engagement in science.

Each lorry is a self-contained mobile physics laboratory that rolls up and is ready to go.  The lorry is staffed by a full-time Operations Coordinator and usually at least 3 volunteers. The volunteers are normally practising scientists and engineers, recruited from the local area. 'Practising' refers not only to those individuals who currently work in or study science but also to those who have studied science and engineering (or have a keen interest) but have pursued careers in other areas such as managerial, financial, consulting and design etc.

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