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Aged 11 – 14?

Looking for fun and adventure and sharing experiments with real scientists?

Children participating in an experiment

Climb on board a Lab in a Lorry – one of three mobile physics laboratories touring schools throughout the UK.

The Lab in a Lorry is the ultimate experience connecting young people, aged 11 – 14, to science.

Once on board our volunteers (all physicists or engineers) will guide you and your fellow visitors through real experiments designed to let you explore and learn for yourselves how real science works.

The experiments are interesting.  Examples include challenging visitors to use sound to bend but not break wine glasses…or using water to extract oil from rocks.

Lab in a Lorry tour begins in May 2005 and the experience is free.

If you would like Lab in a Lorry to visit your area please check out the registration form and contact the organisers listed for your area.

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To View a short film of Lab in a Lorry in action download this quicktime movie (2.45MB)