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Using powerful natural language query software (EasyAsk) the site answers your question with a series of relevant and accurate web sites from its database of refereed resources. If you provide more information such as age and knowledge of physics the answers become even more focused. By registering, the site will remember your profile for your next visit and allow you to rank and comment on search results. To find out more please click on the logo below, which will take you to their website. logo

The STEM Directories
The STEM Directories have been created in direct response to teachers' needs. They comprise a collection of schemes and activities provided by organisations from across the UK that aim to enhance and enrich the curriculum. These schemes are usually based around events or experiences that cannot be delivered with standard school contacts and resources. Each activity is linked to the curriculum so that the impact of the experiences and outcomes can be sustained.

STEMNET aims to ensure that more young people in the UK make a choice to enter science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related careers at all levels, and future generations are properly informed about the science and technology that surrounds them.