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Lab in a Lorry was co-founded by the Institute of Physics and the Schlumberger Foundation in 2004 as a three year programme. The aim was to address concerns about the long-term supply of scientists and engineers in the UK & Ireland, and to foster the public's support and engagement in science.

We know that Lab in a Lorry works because we've now completed a very successful pilot programme which has convinced us of the benefits of a national roll-out.

As our co-founder, Schlumberger Foundation, is now focusing their Lab in the Lorry work in an international context, the Institute is keen to source other partners to take part in this unique programme.

Why Partner?
Lab in a Lorry gives school children a long-term appreciation of the excitement and importance of physics as a discipline and helps them understand the varied careers available to trained physicists.

For any company with a product or service based on a physics discipline, or which makes substantial use of the transferable skills physics graduates employ, ensuring an on-going supply of well-trained, dedicated physicists is of primary importance.

Working in partnership with IOP and Lab in a Lorry gives you the chance to develop links between your business and your local schools, to communicate the contribution of physics-based enterprise to innovation and standards of living.

This is turn will foster a climate of engagement and dialogue, leading to a strong and vibrant long-term physics community. As part of your corporate responsibility strategy, Lab in a Lorry offers you the opportunity to engage in a tangible, meaningful way which may influence the next generation of scientists!

We have established a great network of volunteers with the original partners, and since the lorries are staffed by volunteers, new partners are asked to consider allowing their staff to volunteer to help with the Lab too. This allows your current staff to share their enthusiasm, experience and knowledge with those who may follow in their footsteps.

If you would like more about the partnership arrangements available through the Institute of Physics and to request a sponsorship pack, please contact Caitlin Watson (

Founding Partners:

Schlumberger Foundation
The Schlumberger Foundation pledges support and educational opportunities for young people where Schlumberger employees live and work, particularly in developing nations.

The focus is on science and technology education for under-served secondary school students and university teachers, and following the successful pilot initiative in the UK, SF will now be concentrating their resources on Lab in a Lorry's international programme. The Institute is supporting them in this endeavour by seconding a member of the UK team to set up a mobile science programme in Angola.

Institute of Physics
The Institute of Physics is a leading international professional body and learned society, established to promote the advancement and dissemination of physics. The Institute has a world-wide membership and is a major international player in: scientific research and electronic dissemination of physics; setting professional standards for physicists and awarding professional qualifications; promoting physics through scientific conferences, education and science policy advice.

Current Partners