2005 evaluation


The Institute of Physics commissioned researchers from the University of Durham to carry out an evaluation of Lab in a Lorry. The aims of this evaluation were to assess the impact of the initiative on young people and volunteers, and to examine how the initiative could be improved to enhance this experience.


What emerged very clearly from the evaluation was how positively pupils, teachers and volunteers perceived Lab in a Lorry. Pupils enjoyed the “hands-on” nature of the activities on board Lab in a Lorry and the ability of the volunteers to communicate science to them in an engaging and enthusiastic way.


More than 85% of pupils agreed that volunteers knew a lot about and were good at explaining science and over 70% of pupils agreed that Lab in a Lorry was generally an enjoyable experience. Among pupils 44% agreed that because of Lab in a Lorry, they wanted to find out more about science. Encouragingly, 37% agreed that they wanted to study more science in the future as a result of their visit and 14% agreed that it had made them want to become scientists in the future.


We aim to continue to improve and develop the Lab in a Lorry programme and as a result of this evaluation we are working to improve the Labs’ interiors, bookings procedure and the information available for volunteers.


You can read the summary of this evaluation here and our response to the evaluation here. If you would like any further information then please contact the Lab in a Lorry team at labinalorry@iop.org.